About Art Academy

The Master Classes have been held since 2004

We have been building this forum from 2004 year, inspired by the oldest Summer Music Academy in Europe – “Mozarteum” in Salzburg.

The Academy has been intended to provide master classes at exceptionally high academic level, in various kinds of art, where talented persons to be trained, who have taken the road of the profession Art – music, theater, etc. Following this line, the initiative has no analogue in Bulgaria.

Cultural forums are an opportunity for different type of communication. They are celebrations that every city deserves. The Summer Academy of Arts presents exactly this kind of celebration to the guests and residents of the city of Burgas and Sozopol, with the kind cooperation of the Burgas Municipality, District Administration of Burgas and Sozopol municipality.

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The 15th anniversary of the Master Classes

Summer Academy of Arts has already taken its place in the cultural life of the town of Sozopol, Bulgaria. It is not only forum for art and culture for people from different countries, but also an affirmative and evolving factor in the formation and the development of Bulgaria and trace and the Bulgarian arts school!

In 2017 the number of master classes that took place in the program was 10. In 2018 there was a new master class – creative writing. The tutor’s name is Vyara Nikolova – an amazing young woman who created a creative writing and thinking school as a project for outclass activity for students from 2nd to 7th grade. Each class in this School has its own major theme that is connected to the relations between people, global human values (such as friendships, love, faith, hope, dreams, perseverance, ingenuity, wisdom, sense of life, charity). Burgas hosted two of the master classes – violin and creative writing. The surprise was the piano master class of Maria Printz that was held from 17th till 23rd of August, in Vienna, Austria.

The theme of the creative writing masterclass was “Psycho-physical training on the drama of Harold Pinter” and the theme of the master class of painting is “Traditions in the Future”

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