International Competition for the participants of the Masterclasses.

On the first day of Masterclasses there will be pre selection and a competition.
The jury will be formed by the professors.
Competition for every instrument with free choice programme up to 15 minutes.


• Solo performance with the Burgas Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductors Alexander Zemtsov and Peter Somodari.
• Participation in a recital in capital of classical music- Vienna, at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute “House Wittgenstein”. Accommodation provided in the historical House Wittgenstein.
• Scholarship for the following year Masterclasses.
• For the clarinet class additional award is clarinet mouthpiece from MAXTON, Vienna
• Special prize for best performance of a piece written by the BBC resident composer Dobrinka Tabakova.
• Concert in Burgas
• Diploma
Every participant at the masterclasses can participate in the competition.

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